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Palmville Press publishes The Raven, everybody knows that. But what they don't know is how it's done or where, nor by whom. All any longtime subscriber knows is, that we could never meet deadline as a monthly and even as a quarterly, publishing a measly four times a year, we got further and further behind. Who are these people? Good-for-nothings? Deadbeats? Irishmen?
"Tell me it ain't so, fadder!"
"It tain't, me child. Git ye'self a Raven there... sit down an' I'll tell ye the truth. Dis little journal here represents alot of hard hard work..."
"Years ago, before ye was born, Joe McDonnell came up with an acronym that we used to put on the earlier Raven issues that meant, "Saw Light Of Day" or 'S.L.O.D.' This notified subscribers they were getting June's issue in November or January's issue in May--of the following year-- so it would read "June S.L.O.D. November" or January '97 S.L.O.D. May '98. We kept getting further and further behind, never meeting a deadline. One smart alec asked if S.L.O.D. didn't really mean, "Still Late On Delivery"... or so the joke went. When we revived The Raven in 2000, Joe suggested we date the issues one year in advance so we would never get behind again. But life has a way of dealing people strange life-altering circumstances sometimes and so we fell behind again, unbelievably.
As if in answer to our prayers, subscriber Karen Orrill, of Liberty, Mo, sent us her renewal check and with it she wrote a little note that said she enjoyed our 'slightly irregular time-frame publication'. I tell you I jumped on that remark wit' both me feet. By altering a couple words, I changed it into the Palmville Press trademark:
"Palmville Press: The Slightly Irregular Time-Frame Publisher".
This lucky break insured we would never have to attempt to meet a deadline again, we'd never get behind. We'd just publish irregularly all the time; it's what we do. Now subscribers know, right at the start, they get four issues in 'a subscription year,' no matter how long it takes.
And that's the truth, but do you know....
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